Pork Stew Recipes

Asian Pork Stew - pork stew recipes

[pan sizzling]

Classic Pork Stew

Classic Pork Stew | pork stew recipes

Asian Pork Stew - pork stew recipes

[peeler rasping]

[upbeat beat]

My name is Shariff and I’m a akin one chef.

Pork Stew with Balsamic and Beer - pork stew recipes

I’m Lorenzo and I’m a akin two chef.

Hi, my name is Jameeale Xeno.

Everyone calls me Jamee

and I’ve been a able chef for 15 years.

[upbeat beat]

Or Kahina, I adulation your pork.

She makes the best broiled pork.

I anticipate she’s a akin 10 at baking pork,

so let’s achievement I can bout up to her.

I am activity to be authoritative buzz pork, pork belly.

Basically, it’s lechon and I’m gonna be baking it.

Today we’re authoritative a buzz pork shoulder

also accepted as pernil from area I’m from,

that’s Puerto Rico.

[intense melody]

I adulation this cut of the meat

because it’s blubbery and I adulation the fat.

And this is a cartilage in pork butt, which makes it alike better.

It’s juicy.

You know, I adulation pork, all things pork.


But pork abdomen is basically what you want

when you are accepting the conciseness and fat of a buzz pork

that I grew up on.

Today I’m authoritative a buzz pork shoulder.

I’m application the accept cut instead of the leg cut

because for pernil you can use either,

but I adopt to use a shoulder.

There’s added fat agreeable on it,

it’s a little meatier, no cartilage in,

so I accept beneath affable time.

Well, let’s get started folks.

My pork abdomen needs to go for a swim.

I’m activity to alkali and pepper aloof the meat allocation of it.

And I’m activity to aloof put this pork belly

into the Instant Pot.

I’m activity to anon deluge this pork belly.

So I’m aloof gonna transfer

this admirable allotment of pork assimilate here.

Using my garlic powder.

Now I’m abacus my onion powder.

Now into, the aphotic soy sauce.

Now what I accept actuality is Chinese bristles spice.

We accept bay leaves.

Make abiding you able ’em.


You absolution a little bit of the oils.

What I’m gonna do appropriate now is put all of the ingredients

that we’re gonna use into the aliment processor.

I don’t use the top blooming allotment of the leek for this recipe.

What I do use is the white.

It’s aloof gonna add this like peppery,

herbaceous acidity that I love.

Okay, aloof bandy aggregate central this bowl.

[Both] Black peppercorn.

[Jamee] Oregano, adequate salt, parsley.

Just basically run your fingers bottomward the thyme stalk

and you’ll cull it appropriate off.

We’re gonna put in the rosemary.

Shaoxing wine is a absurd affable wine to use.

Your aftertaste buds will acknowledge you, I agreement it.

Let’s get you on.

Let’s get you on properly.

We are gonna Instant Pot for about 23, 25 minutes.

You gotta rub, you gotta use your hands.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t try to be able because you appetite that seasoning

to get all throughout the pork.

And if you grew up in a Southern domiciliary like me,

you apprentice that early.

Peel the bark off of the garlic

and afresh we’ll add our cloves, lock it in place.

So we’re gonna put on our aliment processor,

grind this down, and afresh we’re gonna add our olive oil

and our angel cider vinegar.

[food processor slowing down]

Okay, that’s gonna do it.

Let’s get the beef out aboriginal before.

Woo, hello.

Alrighty, actuality we go.

Drum cycle please.

We charge blow the bark and the fat portion

of this pork belly, aloof so it helps cotton-mouth in a sense.

And now I’m gonna add a little added help

of dehydrating and crisping application one cup of salt.

I’m gonna booty my pork shoulder

and I’m gonna accomplish a few little pockets.

You can get it to your knuckle, that’s good.

Basically, you’re aloof gonna beating this marinade.

Like I said into the pockets.

We’re gonna put that in our Pyrex dish

and afresh we’ll abide to put marinade

on the top of our pork.

So I’m gonna blanket it in artificial wrap.

I appetite all of it covered.

Now I’m gonna put this in the fridge

to marinate for 24 hours.

Okay, we are all seasoned.

This meat is accessible to go.

So I’m gonna abode this into the oven

for about an hour at 350 degrees.

So folks, attending at that.

Snowed on the pork abdomen and this is activity into the oven.

See you later.

Irish Pork Stew with Stout and Caraway Seeds

Irish Pork Stew with Stout and Caraway Seeds | pork stew recipes

All right, so we are gonna get started on my glaze

and we wanna to accompany this angel abstract to a boil.

So this is my sauce, which is alleged lechon sauce.

I like the onions bouillon first

because I don’t wanna broil the garlic.

I’m gonna be application bristles garlic cloves.

It’s consistently acceptable to add a little salt.

Now I’m activity to accomplish my beet sauce.

And the acumen I’m cutting gloves is because beets stain.

These beets accept been broiled for about an hour.

The bark has been bald off.

We’re gonna put the beets into our aliment processor.

We’re gonna ache a accomplished orange into the aliment processor.

We’re gonna add our honey to this.

Get that nice and smoothed out.

So now I’m aloof gonna activity in the amber sugar,

adding my soy sauce.

Now for the mustard.

I’m activity to absolutely add the brilliant of this sauce

which is alarmist pate.

This is absolutely angel cider vinegar.

This is additionally aloof apparent old water.

And now I’m gonna add in my worchestire sauce,

or whatever we alarm this.

I don’t absolutely apperceive how to accent it.

I will be abacus the two added ingredients

which may complete a little odd.

The aboriginal one, not so much, amber sugar.

And afresh boom roll, aliment crumbs,

Italian aliment crumbs to boot.

Why not?

I Americanized it a bit.

Let’s get agrarian and crazy.

[food processor running]

We’re gonna put this into our pan.

We’re activity to add our craven stock.

I’m gonna add a bay leaf.

Fennel seed.

I’m gonna add a little alkali now,

bring it up to acting and lower it,

and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

All the juices, aggregate goes.

This is a abundant blender because this gradually

increase the speed.

Once your booze has bargain bottomward a bit,

what it should attending like is that it should be able

to covering the aback of your spoon.

And afresh you’re ready.

[blender running]


Let’s get every bit of this guy in here.

Here’s the pork I able yesterday

with the 24 hour marinade.

If you feel added adequate abrading off

some of the alkali afore you account it, amuse do.

And what I’m gonna do is account it

just to accomplish like little design shapes beyond the top.

Now we’re gonna go the adverse way

so we can actualize a design formation.

You’re gonna put it in our pan

to get that in the oven to broil off.

And you can add some alkali aback in now.

Okay, this has been in the oven for an hour now.

Let’s covering this babyish up.

Okie dokie fornokie.

We accept broiled this beautiful, admirable pork belly.

When it cracks like that,

that tells me the damp did appear from the fat

of the pork into the salt.

Okay, so now I’m gonna put this in the oven

and every 15 account I’m gonna booty it out

and re covering it so that it can get that nice aureate brown

that we want.

We charge to accomplishment the crisping

and I charge to do that by baking it in the oven

for about 15, 20 minutes.

I shall return.

[upbeat music]

So now we’re gonna put our pork shoulder

in the oven at 350 degrees.

And baker it for about four and a bisected hours

until it’s golden, nice and brittle on the edges on top,

and the juices are abounding out of it.

All right, so we gotta accomplish something

to go with this pork.

So let’s get the rice together.

Always ablution your rice,

because the rice has a lot of starch in it.

See how the baptize absolutely gets a little cloudy.

That’s the starch activity into the water,

and that’s what you appetite out of your rice.

So absolutely accessible peasy you guys.

You get yourself a nice little pot,

and we are activity to add two and a bisected cups of water.

And afresh I’m additionally abacus the rice.

So today I am authoritative mashed potatoes.

So we can get started with case them first.

Now we’re gonna accomplish our plantain tarts.

What we’re gonna alpha with is a pot abounding of water

filled about to the top.

And we’re gonna use accomplished plantains, gonna cut the ends off.

And this pot is a little small,

so we’re gonna cut them in half

so that they baker analogously together.

Add a compression of alkali to your pot.

We’re gonna agitate up our PAM.

Spray these, these are our pie acerb shells.

Asian Pork Stew

Asian Pork Stew | pork stew recipes

We’re gonna covering the basal of those and about the sides

with some Amoroso In The Raw.

We’re gonna dump the excess

into the abutting one and accumulate going.

We are advancing to a boil.

Lid, about-face bottomward and simmer,

tick, tick, tick, leave it alone.

You know, I will say I am not the best chopper.

So I anticipate my knife abilities absolutely scream akin one

but I affiance you, my aliment tastes amazing.

You can cull out your plantain.

You’re gonna wanna run the dent knife

just forth the bark and aloof bark that back.

And aloof put them nice and hot

right into your aliment processor.

So this is a blooming onion.

Yum, yum, yum.

I like to mix it in it.

It’s about like accomplishing a absurd rice

without absolutely affable annihilation except the rice.

For this I’m aloof gonna go beeline down.

My potatoes accept been baking for about 15 minutes

so I’m aloof gonna do a quick test.

And they are already breaking up so they are accessible to go.

Okay now our plantains are in our aliment processor.

We’re gonna add our added ingredients

Brown sugar, our–

[Both] Butter.

[Jamee] And our all spice.

And brew away.

[mashing potatoes]

Gotta put you aback into it.

Get your lid aback on and put it to pulse.

[food processor running]

Now, add my milk, I’ll add some alkali and pepper,

adding in my acerb cream.

Look at that, voila.

15 minutes, 20 account has passed.

Let us see what we accept here.


I’m activity to put this into my bowl.

And now, this is area if you want, you could add salt.

The alone way I’m gonna zhuzh it up appropriate now

is I’m gonna add my fresh, raw blooming onions.

[food processor slowing down]

Okay, see how it’s formed this little ball?

You apperceive that you’re accessible to now put it in your molds.

Just gonna bead some into all of them.

To accomplish abiding I accept abundant to ample all the molds.

You wanna columnist it down

so it takes on the appearance of the mold.

We’re gonna pop these

into a 400 amount oven for about 15 minutes.

Okay my pork is broiled and now I am activity to bowl it.

Ooh, attending at that.

Here’s our beet sauce.

Just booty a little bit in your spoon.

And afresh you’re gonna booty the aback of your spoon

and aloof kinda comedy with it.

Now we’re gonna about-face out our plantain tarts.

I’m gonna cut some of the cuerito off

so that we can highlight that at the end on the plate.

Cut some nice slices of pork that we’re gonna rest

on top of your plantain tart.

Now I accept my mashed potatoes.

I’m gonna add these to the plate.

This is a absolute affable dish,

we are not watching carbs or calories with this one.

All right, let’s alpha plating.

I’m so excited.

Let’s put a little bit of creamy rice.

Let’s do this.

You can’t serve lechon afterwards some alarmist sauce.

I wanna dress you up with cilantro.

A little bit of lemon, and a little bit of lime.

So I’m aloof gonna baptize some scallions

on top of my mashed potatoes.

I’m aloof gonna band them on top.

We’re gonna put a little cuerito appropriate on top

just to accomplishment that look.

And aloof adornment with a little bit of thyme.

This is my buzz pork.


And this is my buzz pork.


And actuality you go.

It’s Puerto Rico on a plate.


[whimsical music]

All right, it is cooked, plated,

and now the moment of truth.

Here’s that one chaw wonder.

[pork crunching]

[Lorenzo singing]

Make you wanna accurately yo’ mama, for real.

This is good, mm.

I outdid myself, I don’t apperceive why I’m surprised,

I knew it would be amazing.



Absolutely delicious, that crunch.

And afresh you get a little bit of fat and afresh meat again,

and afresh crisis again.

With its candied and appealing alarmist sauce.

And afresh of advance you’re declared to accompany it on home

with a little bit of white rice, which why not?

I adulation brittle pork belly, oh my goodness.

Instant Pot Pork Stew

Instant Pot Pork Stew | pork stew recipes

You will accept added accompany afterwards you accomplish this dish.

Oh, oh, oh.

That is so good.

It’s such a able-bodied counterbalanced plate.

I gonna pat myself on the back.

I like that one.

That’s a acceptable one.

The best time to accept this meal is whenever you’re hungry

and you charge some abundance food.

This is abundance food.


Roast pork is admirable for Sunday supper,

or any night of the week.

There’s so abounding options back you’re authoritative this dish.

Let’s see how anniversary of our three chefs fabricated theirs.

[intense music]

Pork is the meat of hogs.

It’s usually acquired from young, bacteria animals.

Their anatomy are beneath acclimatized and the affiliation tissue

collagen added readily converts to water-soluble gelatin

when heated, which adds to the breakable qualities of the meat.

Shariff broiled a pork base additionally alleged Boston butt

from the accept of the pig, aerial up on the foreleg.

It’s ellipsoidal in appearance with a fat cap on one side

which adds acidity and affluence as it roasts,

and the fat drips assimilate the meat.

Lorenzo broiled boneless pork belly,

which is from the base of the hog.

It’s awash sliced, or as a roast.

It’s a blubbery cut with breakable meat.

Bacon comes from pork belly

so you’ll see stride of layers of fat in Lorenzo’s roast.

It has a characteristic fat cap on top

Pork abdomen is a huge slab of bacon basically,

but cut thicker and crispier.

Jameel broiled pork shoulder, which is like Shariff’s pork

butt because it’s a accept cut,

but it’s from the lower allotment of the foreleg.

It’s sometimes alleged a barbecue shoulder

and it’s a little bacteria than the pork butt.

And she additionally larboard the bark on

which is absolutely a akin three access to baking pork.

The best important affair about your buzz pork

is that your cuerito, which is the bark of the pork,

should be nice and crisp.

And this cuerito is perfection.

Pork bark is mostly protein,

but has a lot of baptize and fat too.

The aerial fat absorption yields

a actual brittle arrangement afterwards roasting.

[intense music]

Shariff broiled his pork with the fat ancillary on top

so that the rendered fat lubricates the meat

as it partially melts and drips.

He additionally acclimated a arbor so that the pork isn’t resting

in rendered fat on the basal of the pan.

If you put this pork aloof on a collapsed tray,

it’s not gonna get aureate underneath.

Lorenzo poked the fat slab of his pork belly

to abetment in apprehension the fat assimilate the meat,

and afresh abundantly absolute the fat slab.

The role of alkali actuality is added than seasoning.

It’s why he aching best of it off afterwards roasting.

The fat slab is mostly fat, but contains some water

and affiliation tissue.

The alkali draws the damp out, which ensured that the fat

became acutely brittle back Lorenzo broiled his meat.

When it cracks like that,

that tells me the damp did come

from the fat of the pork into the salt.

Jameel broiled her pork continued and slow,

about 40 to 50 account per pound,

which is absolute for breaking bottomward affiliation tissue

in her accept cut.

This apathetic heating allows conversion

of collagen to gelatin.

At aerial heat, these proteins braid and coagulate,

and can become tough.

Pork is belled for actuality cooked

to actual aerial centralized temperatures

because bodies capital to accomplish abiding to annihilate off

any abject trichinella spiralis

associated with foodborne illness.

Modern pork has been bred to be leaner

under aliment safe conditions

thereby about eliminating transmission

of trichinella spiralis from bartering pork.

It’s accept not to overcook your pork.

It can be actual agilely blush in the center

and 145 degrees Fahrenheit should do the trick.

All three chefs adequate their pork roasts.

This is an important footfall because as the meat cooled

it became added close and easier to slice.

Resting and consecutive cooling

also increases water-holding capacity

making the meat actual juicy.

To me this is like a filet mignon.


To me.

Each chef carved their pork roast

against the atom of meat abolition affiliation tissue

and accretion the breakable affection of the meat.

Next time you’re authoritative broiled pork

you can accept assorted cuts, baking techniques,

spice rubs, marinades, sauces, and sides.

We achievement you’ll booty some of these tips

from our three accomplished chefs.

Pork Stew with Balsamic and Beer

Pork Stew with Balsamic and Beer | pork stew recipes

[upbeat music]

Pork Stew Recipes – pork stew recipes
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Slow Cooker Pork Stew

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Home-Style Pork Stew

Home-Style Pork Stew | pork stew recipes

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